Solita’s House, Inc. is a non-profit personal financial education and counseling organization founded in 2006. Initially, the founders wanted to ensure that all people interested in becoming homeowner’s receive the essential education, counseling and knowledge they needed to secure and maintain homeownership. Solita’s House is also focused on immersing people in the “basics” of being economically educated so that they can achieve financial wealth in all areas of their lives.



The vision of Solita’s House is to become a national leader in providing individuals and families with education, coaching and partner resources to promote positive behaviors which expand their economic capacity, enable wise use of credit, and grow individual and family assets and support quality living in community.

We are a member of the Florida Housing Counseling Network, a Florida non-profit corporation that supports housing counselors and counseling agencies in the state.



The mission of Solita’s House, Inc. is to build the financial capabilities of the people and communities we serve. We meet our mission by providing personal financial education, homebuyer education and assistance with credit counseling, housing counseling, debt and money management and home retention programs through educational programs and confidential counseling. We complement these services with specialized financial products such as affordable credit building loans and individual development savings accounts with matched savings. As an HUD-approved Housing Counseling Agency Solita’s House helps low and moderate income persons attain homeownership and preserve their homes.