During this two week-long camp, teens (ages 13-17) learned about budgeting and saving toward their goals, opening and managing their bank accounts, the importance of credit and credit scores, how to finance their college education, living on your own, and solutions for financial trouble.


Utilizing the FDIC Money Smart curriculum, students will:

  • Develop high school resumes
  • Earn Solita’s House Money (SHM) for completing tasks and actively participating in the program
  • Learn about budgeting and saving by submitting daily deposits of their earned SHM
  • Learn about writing checks and balancing accounts for daily expenses such as gas to go on field-trips
  • Engage in several on-location exercises including visiting the grocery store with a budget
  • Develop presentations from the financial literacy concepts they experienced and share with younger kids in the community
  • Earn $200 USD for successfully completing the program!
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