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Monika Milone

Galinda t is a signal mother of a little boy whos dream is  purchasing a home in a safe place to raise her son. 

During their first session client and counselor (Monika Milone) reviewed their credit, savings  and money management and affordability.  

Galinda had an average 605 via credit karma. Her credit card utilization was between sitting at  82% and it also showed that she had one collection, but 12 open accounts sitting a very high  DTI. After reviewing the need for personal savings/reserves and lender/DPA requirements, the  client and counselor set goals and action plans for the client to help her situation.  Client and Counselor discuss all the different option and with the purchase price and goal the  client had. The client’s main goal because her budgeting. She knew that paying down her Debt  and utilization would help her debt to income and building her savings would get her were she  needed to be to purchase. 

Every appointment Ms. Washington would come with more savings and less debt!! Her current  ratios are at 16/22!!!! 

Galinda continues to thrive throughout her process and cannot wait to become a homeowner!!

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