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Solita's House is a 501(c)(3) agency.

Steven Tolbert

Mr. Steven Tolbert began counseling on 10/24/2018. During their first session clients and  counselor (Monika Milone) reviewed his bank statements, credit, ratios, money management  and affordability. By doing this Mr. Tolbert and the counselor were able to determine the  client’s base line or Mortgage readiness. The client had a 635 for both TU and EQ. He had three  collections and less than $4k in his savings. clients did not have any savings and had a total or  $33.79. Client also was determining what field he would be going into, since he did not have  employment history on his side.  

After reviewing the need for personal savings and lender requirements, clients and counselor  set savings goals.  

Every month the client would come to their per-purchase counseling sessions with more and  more savings and less debt. Clients were able to build savings and increase their credit.  

Fast forward two years, counselor and client have recently met on 11/10/19 has increased his  scores by 69 points, he has paid off all of his credit card utilization and has been employing it to  help reflect positively on his accounts and hi has paid off all of his derogatory marks. The client  as also utilized some of the Solita’s House SDL programs to increase his credit and build savings,  such as the Credit builder.  

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