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Solita's House

Solita's House is a 501(c)(3) agency.

Geralda Ortiz

Geralda is a single mother from Puerto Rico that took the risk of leaving everything back home for the wellbeing of her son. Due to a chronic illness her son is experiencing she was advised to see a specialist in the Tampa Bay Area. Geralda decided to not only visit the specialist but to relocate to Tampa, Florida. Seeing that she had family in Tampa, she would have not be alone. She and her son relocated and lived with family until she could make it on her own. Once here she applied for Section 8 and began her new life. She was determined to have the best doctors treat her son. Although it was an adjustment living with family, Geralda and her son made it work until one day her family requested that she move out. Geralda had no place to live and turned to a shelter, where her and son lived for a long period of time until she received news that her Section 8 voucher was approved, after two long years of waiting.

Geralda was excited and thankful but also worried about the upfront cost of moving into an apartment. She came to Solita’s House for assistance with the rental security deposit and utility deposit. After completing our Financial Capability workshop she was equipped with the tools she needed to begin her apartment search. She found a brand new two-bedroom unit and could now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Solita’s House continues to provide her with financial counseling to ensure she is living within her budget and also provided the rental security deposit and utility deposit she needed to move in. Geralda successfully moved into her apartment and her son finally has his own bedroom. Geralda is motivated to persuade her dream of homeownership and is working with the housing counselor to reach her goal.

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