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Tyshondra Comer

Tyshondra Comer came for her first pre-purchase counseling session on April, 2029 with a desire of becoming as mortgage ready as possible as her goal was to have a home of her own.

it was then determined that she needed to modify her money management habits as her budget had a severe monthly deficit which was reflected in her lack of savings and her credit.

Her credit was also a challenge!! Her credit scores were reported to be in the mid 550 range as the result of having several collection debts and the overuse of her credit cards which were at or over their limits. She also had over $25,000.00 in student loan debt which was greatly affecting her rations

A budget was then developed and the client was counseled to follow it as closely as possible. This budget was based on a “needs vs. wants” basis and it would allow for the client to meet all of her basic household expenses and would also allow for a modest amount in savings.

The client was focused and followed all instructions and also went a step further and picked up a second full time job and the earnings from the second job were all applied to lower credit card balances, negotiate settlements with collectors and pay down her student loan debt.

Eventually her efforts paid off. Her credit card utilization went from close to 100% to below 30% and she managed to eliminate all collection debt. Her student loan debt was also basically cut in 1/2!!

Because of her high income from the two full time jobs that the prevented this client from qualifying for down payment and closing assistance, she continued to work the second full time job and before finally quitting it as it was affecting her health she managed to save over $8000.00.

Ms. Comer’s efforts eventually paid off as her credit score improved with all three credit reports and are now all above the 700 level.

She was able to qualify for a home loan in Polk County receiving some down payment assistance. The property is located at 100 E. F Street in Frostproof, Fl. 33843

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