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Angela Sykes

Angela Sykes came in for her first counseling session on 12-9-2021 seeking to be as mortgage ready as possible as she wanted to move from where she lived. The client was having issues with her next door neighbor, the landlord who was not providing adequate servicing to her apartment and most important, delinquency within her apartment complex.

She had good credit scores but her ratios were very high and well above the 55% range. This because she had to use her credit cards while taking care of several health issues that seem at the moment not to be going away. This also affected the necessary savings if as she was planning to buy a home.

A budget was created for the client to follow. This budget was designed to make sure that her basic household and medical expenses were taken care of and for her to start saving a modest amount every month.

Eventually, the client was able to save over $2000 dollars while her credit scores reached the 750 level with all three credit bureau reports.

Angela’s health issues have now passed and she recently and at her last appointment reported that she is under contract with a closing date scheduled for August 7 which is ideal to the client as her lease expires at the end of August. The property address is at 4008 E. Osborne in Tampa, 33610 getting down payment and closing assistance from her selected lender Cross Country Mortgage.

A post purchase counseling appointment was then scheduled for October.

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