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Solita's House is a 501(c)(3) agency.

Deniseshia Numan

Ms. Deniseshia Numan came to Solita’s House in October of 2021 with a goal of preparing herself for home ownership in hope that she could provide a house for her and her young child. She first completed Solita’s House First time homebuyer workshop and then started pre-purchase housing counseling to work on getting mortgage ready.

Ms. Numan has always been determined to succeed and has worked very hard with her housing counselor to increase her credit scores, increase her savings and pay down debt. Through her many sessions with her housing counselor, Ms. Numan understood the steps to homeownership and the discipline it took to become mortgage ready. She even secured a second job to increase her savings and pay off some debt. Although it was not an easy road, she knew she had the support of Solita’s House and the available resources for her. She followed every direction that Solita’s House gave her and with her hard work we are here today. Mortgage ready and homebuyer READY!!!

Ms. Numan completed her homebuyer education and pre-purchase housing counseling with Solita’s House. She was determined to save, pay down debt and understood the importance of credit worthiness.
The Numan Family utilized the following programs to become a homeowner:
Sales price $270,000
City of Tampa DARE $40,000
East Tampa CRA $40,000
City of Tampa ARPA $96,389
FHLB $5667
Warrick Dunn Foundation $35,000
Mortgage Amount $55,900
Interest rate 6.75%

Ms. Numan is an example of “teamwork makes the dream work”. She is an example of “we will not accept average.” Ms. Numan will receive over $200K in down payment and closing cost assistance. This is made possible with the partnerships of Solita’s House, The City of Tampa DARE, Federal Home Loan Bank, Bank United, AAA Restoration and the Warrick Dunn Foundation.

It takes extraordinary people to accomplish extraordinary goals and we can all testify to the extraordinary work and dedication that went into making this homeownership dream a reality. Congratulations Ms. Numan and welcome to your new home. You did it!

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