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Solita's House is a 501(c)(3) agency.

Jakaisha Judge

Ms. Judge is a single mother of five. The client had been homeless for almost two years. She slept in her truck with her youngest child while the other children lived with various family members. She was originally introduced to Solita’s House by a friend while searching for rental assistance finds. At the time she was unemployed and was receiving no income. She had previously worked as a customer service rep but lost her job and had not been able to find employment. Ms. Judge received a section 8 voucher but was at risk of losing it based on the expiration date and her inability to locate an approved unit.

Since her initial appointment in October, Ms. Judge has remained active in the Rental Housing Counseling Program working with her housing counselor to secure stable and affordable rental housing, obtain permanent employment, and create written budgets and build money management budgeting skills.

On May 1, 2023, Ms. Judge moved into a section 8 unit with her five children. She also secured full-time permanent employment. Ms. Judge continues to adjust to the normal financial challenges and expenses of operating and maintaining a home for a household of six. She, however, remains optimistic and extremely grateful for the monumental accomplishments she has made over the past eight months. Ms. Judge indicates she is committed to remaining actively engaged in the program to increase her credit, establish sustainable savings, continue building money management skills, and to have a financial accountability and resource partner.

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