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Solita's House is a 501(c)(3) agency.

Juan Ramirez

Juan Ramirez attended a Solita’s House Home Buyer Education  course  in early  2019. Ramirez came in for his first counseling session in his native Spanish in April of the same year. Having immigrated from Cuba three years earlier, he needed guidance on achieving the dream of owning his own home.

At first, Ramirez was very cautious and hesitant to provide the necessary information but as he got more comfortable with our team, he began to trust us and open up to the process. Our main barrier was his short employment history, his relatively low income and the lack of knowledge on the many steps needed to take in order to purchase a home.The client did not have the recommended amount in savings, and subsequently, a budget was created by our team for him to follow closely. This allowed him to meet all of his financial obligations but also allowed him to save a set amount every month.

Additionally, the client was also instructed on the proper use of credit and how to maintain a healthy credit history.Slowly, Ramirez progressed but he still needed down payment and closing assistance. Due to this, we directed him to apply for the City’s Dare to Own the Dream Program (DARE). He was also counseled on the opportunity to have a brand new home and was also referred to Domain Homes.

Welcome home Juan! 

The client encountered several obstacles along the way but he persevered and finally his DARE funds were reserved. Soon, a recently constructed house became available through Domain. Ramirez was also assisted with selecting a lender as he provided several estimates from different institutions and decided to use Hancock Whitney as he felt comfortable with the Lending Officer Ms. LoCicero who spoke Spanish so he was able to communicate with her easily. Finally, on November 20th the client closed on his new home and was able to achieve the American Dream.

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