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Meryl Parrish

Meryl Parrish came in for her first counseling session late in 2018 after attending a Solita’s House Home Buyer Education course. Her goal was to be able to buy a home by June of 2019 but she acknowledged that she needed guidance in doing so.

Ms. Parrish had some significant barriers to overcome including credit scores that were too low to apply for a mortgage loan and very high unsecured debt. This,  coupled with some collection debt, were negatively affecting her credit.

The client was made aware of her situation but had a “can do” attitude and started following an action plan that was based on reducing discretionary spending in her budget. This plan allowed her to have the funds to slowly work on eliminating collection debts and improving her high ratios by lowering her credit card debt.

Along the way, the client encountered several problems with her health which slowed her progress in achieving her home ownership goal. Eventually, she was able to further reduce her spending by moving in with a family member who agreed to assist her. This event allowed the client to accelerate her plan to improve her credit, ratios, and savings. Within a short time, she was declared to be mortgage ready as her credit scores greatly improved, her ratios were within the margin desired by lenders and her efforts to live by a strict budget resulted in having the recommended savings for a down payment.

Welcome home Meryl! 

Finally, and after two years of working hard to achieve her goal, the client closed on her first home in December!

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