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Solita's House is a 501(c)(3) agency.

Michelle Curry

Michelle Curry attended the Financial Capability workshop, in hopes to receive assistance with her Rental Security and Utility Deposit.  

She is a single female, working a full-time job, but was having a hard time maintaining her old rental due to the rent being increased to $2000 a month.  

Once she had met with the Solita’s House Rental team, to evaluate her eligibility and affordability, Ms. Curry was provided a voucher through the DAP program. 

Once she had located the unit, she began working with the SHI team to review and provide all the documents required for the program. She was able to locate and get approved for a unit in the City for $1587 a month.  

Unfortunately, her landlord at the end of the process, decided that they would not like to accept any third-party funds on behalf of the client.  

Working with SHI and the City of Tampa it was determined that SHI was able to provide Ms. Curry a reimbursement for the funds she had to utilize to move into her new unit.   

“Wonderful caring staff! They go that extra mile! Their staff stands out apart from today businesses staff. They were there for me!” 

Welcome home Michelle! 

Michelle has gained the keys to her new, financially attainable apartment with the assistance of the Solita House team. Like many Tampa Bay residents, Michelle experienced an unattainable monthly rent increase making it financially difficult to maintain her housing upon the completion of her lease. 

As a single woman working full-time, $2,000 a month for rent was not fiscally possible. Michelle attended a Solita’s House Financial Capability workshop to complete steps to earn Rental Security and Utility Deposit assistance.

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