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Solita's House is a 501(c)(3) agency.

Miketa Glover

Ms. Glover is a single mother of a nine-year-old daughter and a seven-year-old son. She has been in her current rental unit for 5 years and receives section 8. Her portion of the rent is $370.00. The client currently works part-time for Busch Gardens and has been there for 7 years. She also receives $42.00 a week in child support. Making her gross monthly income $1442.33. Currently the client is living within her ratios.

Ms. Glover explained that her primary reason for contacting Solita’s House was to strengthen her credit. After additional discussion, during the initial appointment with the counselor, the client also recognized why having savings is equally important, and how it could help her with money management and budgeting, debt reduction and accomplishing other short-term goals.

During her time in the rental housing program the client has worked successfully to manage household expenses amidst several financial challenges as a result of her active participation in the program and due to her diligence in implementing recommended strategic plans discussed during ongoing rental counseling sessions.

Ms. Glover has an abiding desire and a long-term goal to become a substitute teacher in the Hillsborough County school system. She continues to employ efforts towards this goal. The counselor and client regularly discuss the client’s ongoing tasks and progress towards this goal during each follow-up appointment.

Ms. Glover regularly expresses her appreciation for the opportunity to participate in Solita’s House Rental Housing Counseling Program.


Increase credit

Build savings


• Established a savings account with regular deposits

• Purchased a washer/dryer with funds saved to reduce laundry expenses

• Negotiated and paid off one of the collection debts

• Negotiated a settlement payoff agreement for a second collection debt

• Filed a dispute on an unknown item on credit report

• Received offer from her bank for an unsecured credit card (client still deciding)

• The client began self-reporting monthly cell phone

• Reduced needs vs. wants spending after budgeting session (specifically eating out)

• Based on growing discipline in budgeting and money management, the client was able to successfully manage household expenses after food stamps were decreased from $740 to $120 during the months of June, and July.

• Received her delayed income tax return and used the funds wisely:

o Paid-off a two-month delinquent TECO bill

o Begin extensive car repairs to alleviate Uber transportation cost

o Car insurance

o License reinstatement (court fines and reinstates fees)

o Ready children for school (clothes and supplies)

• Applied through Kelly services for a temporary employment position with Hillsborough County Schools.

• Received two recommended letters of references for employment

• Returned Signed Action Plans


• Build Savings

• Increase Credit Score above 600

• Pay off single collection account

• Obtain temp-to-perm position through Kelly Services for Hillsborough County Schools

• MID TERM GOAL – Restore use of personal vehicle | Alleviate Uber expense

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