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Solita's House is a 501(c)(3) agency.

Ramon Myrick

Mr. Myrick is a single man with no dependents, whose sole source of income is SSI. Prior to retiring he worked 16 years with Publix in customer service, which he loved throughout his tenure.

Mr. Myrick expressed during the intake process to appear in-person at the agency office for his first and future virtual zoom rental counseling appointments due to some technological challenges. His niece appeared in-person with him to assist and support Mr. Myrick throughout the program process and to help him answer questions when needed. The counselor received the client’s verbal permission to have Ms. Cynthia join him during the appointment. Ms. Cynthia assists her uncle with his finances.

The client heard about Solita’s House through word-of-mouth after experiencing a recent crisis, which he chose not to disclose, resulting in him being displaced for a period of time. The client previously resided with his daughter who passed away. This event may have been the basis of the client’s displacement. The client indicated he is over his head and does not know how to proceed with his financial situation based on his existing income and on-going expenses. Mr. Myrick moved into a 55+ community in mid-March 2023. The client is seeking help to ensure his rental housing stability, gain money management and budgeting skills, strengthen his credit history, and build savings.

Mr. Myrick’s credit scores were all over 620 and has a stellar payment history on all open accounts. His primary challenge was his high DTI ratio based on high car payment and nine open trade lines, all of which were at the credit limit or over. Mr. Myrick was essentially using credit cards monthly for cash advances and household and other debt payments. His income simply could not continue to support his ongoing HH expenses and debt payments. The client applied for a Small Dollar Flex Loan but was denied based on high DTI ratio.

The counselor and client worked together to develop a strategic action plan to request debt payment deferments, reduce interest rates, and identify other areas to reduce household and debt expenses and increase his existing disposable income.

Mr. Myrick understands that the path to rental housing stability and successful debt management will take time; yet during his short time in the rental housing counseling program he has remains consistent in meeting and often exceeding the tasked action plans identified during counseling sessions.

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