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Angela Smithen

Ms. Angela Smithen started her path to homeownership back around September 2021. Although she was ready based on her credit scores and savings – the current housing market frightened her. The prices of homes were continuing to increase and her income could not support an affordable mortgage payment. After much thought and also being pregnant with her fourth child, Ms. Smithen decided to place her homeownership dream on pause and concentrate of her pregnancy. Fast forward to April of this year, Ms. Smithen was ready again. She had given birth to a healthy baby boy in November and was eager to purchase her home and create generational wealth for her family. Ms. Smithen had to move from her native Virgin Islands to the Tampa Bay Area after Hurricane Maria destroyed the house, she and her children were living in.

Ms. Smithen’s biggest obstacle to homeownership was securing enough down payment and closing cost to create an affordable mortgage payment. She continued to work with her housing counselor, Juan Menendez to review all the resources and best mortgage product for her. After much research, patience and number crunching, Ms. Smithen received approximately:

• $40,000 of City of Tampa DARE funds

• $40,000 of East Tampa CRA funds of $40,000,

• $10,000 of Federal Home Loan Bank

• $100,000 of City of Tampa ARPA funds and

• $35,000 of Warrick Dunn Foundation funds

This is a true example of it takes a village to create affordable housing opportunities for our low-income residents in Tampa. We are delighted and congratulate Ms. Smithen and her four children. We are also thankful for all the partnerships that made this dream a reality for this family.

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