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Solita's House is a 501(c)(3) agency.

Catherine Harris

Catherine Harris came in for her first pre-purchase counseling session in October of 2020 after  she attended a Solita’s House Homebuyer Education Class. Her immediate goal was to be able  to qualify for a home loan with down payment and closing assistance from the City of Tampa’s  DARE Program. She was particularly interested in newly built RTTB homes and getting it  

financed through a Solita’s House CHAMP loan which she had already applied for. 

The client was then immediately fast tracked to attend the DARE orientation meeting  scheduled for October as the first step for her to secure that down payment and closing  assistance which she was awarded in December. 

Along the way a team effort from different department at Solita’s House was required since the  client’s goal of qualifying and buying the RTTB home encountered some obstacles including  liens that appeared on the property she wanted to buy. This delayed the closing, and the client  was discouraged but was counseled to be patient and to continue adding to her savings by  following the budget created during her first counseling session and to also continue her efforts  to make her already good credit even better. 

The client’s AMI was also a temporary barrier as her earnings showed that for a period of time, she was above the 80% AMI. Again, with a team effort with members of this agency this issue  was resolved and on January the 21st the client’s dream of owning her own home came through  with a very nice deal that perfectly fits her budget.

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