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Derrick Crowder

Derrick is a 39 yr. old, single parent, that took the homeownership class back on April 4th, 2020. A  resident of Pol County living in Dundee, FL. HE is interested in a USDA loan.  He is a self-employee for Uber and fleet postmares.  

His first session was back on May 17th, 2020, whise the client and counselor reviewed his financial  situation.  His income varies base in the days he works, but he works as much as possible because he has his  daughter to watch as well.  The barriers are credit score affected by collections and high credit card utilization of 87%. New credit  and reducing credit card utilization will help to increase his credit score.  

The changes happened as follows:  

He has attended every single follow up on Aug 2020, November 14th, 2020, March 2021, then in the  April 22, 2021, his credit card utilization was 1%. This is what is making this client successful story and  the discipline of attend his counseling sessions.  

Even though he has not able to get into his credit karma to monitor the credit changes, his counselor  assisting him in running the credit reports from annual credit report. Also, counselor has encouraged  him to file pending years of taxes to be prepared for homeownership.  

Then journey continues, counselor is working with him, so he can get a personal small credit building  loan that will help to boost his credit score. 

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