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Jusicieux Welch

Judicieux E. Welch, a young man that is 27 years old, with an income of $51,996.00, has a great start. He  started his homeownership journey back in 11, 2018 when he took the 8-hour class. He has a bachelor’s  degree and no debt in student loans due to his discipline with his education.  

His first appointment was scheduled on February 19th, 2019. The counselor and Judicieux went over a  regular session where the only goals at the time were to continue saving and paying down the credit  card. He had no obstacles.  

Judicieux, who goes by the nick name of “Juice,” followed his counselor’s advice superbly.  

The advice was to get a cost estimate from three lenders, and the action plan was to review with a  counselor in the next session.  

In April 2019, cost estimates were reviewed, and the client decided what lender was the best for his  needs.  

He applied for a loan with Third Federal in May 2019, got pre-approved, and found a property.  

The sale price was $190,900.00, with a loan amount $185,100. He closed on June 2019 with an interest  rate of 3.890, the lowest offer at the time.  

Judicieux is a great example of dedication. For this reason, his proud counselor honors him under the  Black History Month.  

Juice, as your housing credit counselor, want to thank you for letting me part of your homeownership  journey. 

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