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Solita's House is a 501(c)(3) agency.

Justice Jenkins

Ms. Justice Jenkins came in for her counseling session in November of 2020 after attending an 8  Hour Home Buyers Education Workshop with this agency. Her main goal was to be able to purchase  a home, get any available down payment and closing assistance and to also get guidance on credit  repair.  

Immediately, this counselor identified a major barrier as her credit card utilization was over 91%  which is creating a negative impact on her credit. The consoler also identified that her comfortable  debt number was over by $415.82 due to her car loan. Ms. Jenkins was provided with an action plan  with steps to follow in order to improve her credit and look for solutions on lowering her car payment  to reach her comfortable debt number. The action plan consisted on first reducing her credit usage  which was at 91% utilization at the time and also was counseled on how to deal with a collection  account that was reflecting on her credit report. The consoler provided her the contact number to  reach out to the creditor.  

The client was encouraged to follow the plan and she enthusiastically did so result in her credit usage  to be lowered to 17% and the client is currently under litigation to have her car return to the dealer  due to default of insurance. This will bring her in line reaching her comfortable debt number, which  will make her mortgage ready. 

Because of her hard work, the client now has close to $1,800 in her savings, her ratios are within  norms and her credit scores have increased an average of 43 points.

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