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Patricia Fleix

Ms. Felix is a 65 yr. old, divorced woman, that took the homeownership class back on May 2, 2020.  

Her first session was back on June 29, 2020, where the client and counselor reviewed her financial  situation.  

She has a steady income coming from Social Security, her pension and part time job and savings of  $25, 000.00. The barrier was her income not being sufficient for the Florida market.  

 Patricia is considered a successful story because she was following every single advice the counselor  provided including increase income.  

The changes happened as follows:  

From TransUnion, the credit score in her first appointment was 679, increased to 781 in October, then  to 788 in our last session from January.  

From Equifax, the credit score increased from 684 to 690 in October, then to 788 since the last session in  November.  

Also, Ms. Felix started applying for jobs and got a full-time job and was able to keep her part time as  well. Not only she increased her credit score, but her income increased for approximate $ 18, 200 more  per year.  

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