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Solita's House is a 501(c)(3) agency.

Robenson Joseph

Mr. Joseph began his counseling session on 1/4/2021.The client is a married man with children. Mr. Joseph is currently working for Transportation Services Unlimited for over 1 Year. His dream is to purchase a home in the City of Tampa or surrounding township around Tampa.

During their first session, the client and counselor (Angel Santiago) reviewed their credit, savings and money management, and affordability. Mr. Joseph had an average of 612 via credit karma. His credit card utilization was at 42%. After reviewing the need for personal savings/reserves and lender/DPA requirements, the client and counselor set goals and action plans for the client to help his situation. The client and Counselor discussed all the different loan product options and the purchase price and goal the client had.

The client’s main goal was to lower the utilization on all the credit cards the client has to have a positive impact on their credit score. The client was very motivated and excited to start the action plan we put together to achieve their goals. Mr. Joseph hard work is paying off. The client was able to increase his score by 41 for Transunion and increased his score for Equifax by 31 points and now has an average credit score of 648 The client also was able to save $10,000.00 for down payment. Which was an increase of $7,000.00.

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