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Takisha Larry

Takisha began her counseling session in 10/08/2020. The client is a signal parent of a 17-year-old who is her niece. Ms.  Larry has a part time cleaning job and has a full-time job working for a bakery for over 17 years. On top of all that Ms.  Larry is going to school to become a nurse. Due to the pandemic her site training has been canceled. Her dream is  purchasing a home in Brandon or Riverview FL. 

During their first session client and counselor (Angel Santiago) reviewed their credit, savings and money management  and affordability.  

Ms. Larry had an average 680 via credit karma and Experian. Her credit card utilization was at 9% and it also showed that  she had one student loan in the amount of $51,558.00.  

After reviewing the need for personal savings/reserves and lender/DPA requirements, the client and counselor set goals  and action plans for the client to help her situation. Client and Counselor discuss all the different loan products option and  with the purchase price and goal the client had.  

The client’s main goal was to save more funds toward closing and paying off her credit balance to have a positive impact  on her credit score. Ms. Larry was very motivated and excited to start the action plan we put together. 

Ms. Larry hard work is finally paying off. The client was able to increase her score by paying off one credit card which  increased her score. The client was able to save over $1000.00 and now has an average credit score of 690.

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