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Solita's House is a 501(c)(3) agency.

Wilbert Williams

Wilbert Williams came in for his first counseling session after attending a Solita’s House HBE class. Mr. Williams is a single dad who wanted to provide a safe house for his young daughter but needed assistance in qualifying for a mortgage loan and was also interested in getting down payment and closing assistance.

In the first session it was determined that his credit needed significant improvement since he had no open trade lines and a severely past due student loan of around $3000.00. The client was counseled on the need to develop credit and of the importance to avoid a default and pay the federal student loan.

As directed, the client contacted his credit union and got a secured credit card which he used wisely and with the purpose of developing credit. Then, he followed given instructions and applied for a FLEX loan with Solita’s House which was approved and the funds were used to settle his student loan debt. This eventually resulted in the client’s credit scores to improve from around 580 to just above the 700 level.
The client and the counselor also agreed on a smart budget based on his needs and goals which allowed the client to meet his financial and family obligations and to also save the necessary funds recommended for the eventual purchase of a house.

The client then applied for MAP (presently DARE) and was advised in a counseling session of Domain Homes which were available and he was referred as he was very interested in buying a recently built home.

The client received his DARE funds and was able to close on a Domain Home located at 2401 Cassell St. in Tampa in October of 2020.
Mr. Williams was able to achieve his goal as he followed instructions closely and is now living happily with his young daughter in his new home and serves as an ambassador for the services provided by this agency to the community.

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